About RockMyLife -

RockMyLife.org was formed in 2009 to share and connect with people from all walks of faith and life through the power of Christian music.  Our mission is to bring Christian concerts to our small part of the world through music that will positively impact the lives of all those who attend. Contemporary Christian music is quickly gaining popularity through its many wonderful and talented artists. We hope that the exposure of this music will not only be an alternative to mainstream music, but more importantly touch the lives of individuals by sending a message through song.   RockMyLife.org is a large group of area volunteers who share a passion for music and are dedicated to making your concert experience both inspirational and spiritual. RockMyLife is a non-profit organization. Our success is based solely on donations and seat sales from these concerts. 

Levi Riggs offers a unique style with his mix of county with inspirational country.  Don't miss his performance at the Warren County Fair in June!!  

Levi Riggs